Conic Sections


Kelly Edenfield, Sandy McAdams, Luke Rapley, and Jack Sarfaty

When we talk about "conic sections," we need to make sure that we understand what we are looking for. FromCollege Algebra and Trigonometry , Aufmann and Nation call conic sections "A locus of points is a geometric figure containing all the points, and only those points, that satisfy a given condition or set of conditions." It may also be "the path if a moving point satisfying a given condition."

For general information and an introduction to conic sections click here.

The main types of conics that we want to focus on are the Circle, the Ellipse, the Parabola, and the Hyperbola. Click on one of the links to go to the specific unit for each conic. After exploring each of the specific conics click here to see some related topics.