Proposal (Tentative) for EMT 670 Project

by Kelly Edenfield and Jack Sarfaty

We have decided to create a web page that will touch on a variety of mathematical topics covered in high school. To accomplish this task, we will maximize the technology we have learned in 668, 669, and will learn in 670 while also attempting to maximize the technology available to anyone perusing the web page. Topics to be presented will come from three or four of the mathematical subjects developed in high school. The students will gain experience with the use of technology in mathematics through GSP, Algebra Xpressor, and the use of the web. Types of technology we plan to learn and implement include GSP-Java, Powerpoint, and videos on the web.

Our educational goal for this project is to learn alternatives to teaching mathematics, steering away from textbooks, through the use of technology. We hope that this idea will catch on with the current publishers of textbooks. The advantages to the paperless textbook are obvious and quite numerous. Hopefully, our project will be a precursor of what the future holds.