Will I make it until the Spring?

S. McAdams, S. Pinion, L. Stueve

The question seems to be, do I have enough oil left in my tank to make it the last few weeks of spring. If I know I have at least 40 gallons I will be fine. I can take a pole and measure the height of the oil from the bottom of the tank. I have 10" of oil left, But is it 40+ gallons?

The tank has a radius of 18" and is 48" long. It is also buried in the ground level, so that the 10" measurement is accurate.

First let's calculate the circumference of the base C= pi * d. C = 113.09 in.

We can also calculate the angle of the arc sector marked off by the 10" height using the pythagorean theorem. First we find a= sqrt260 / 18 or 63.6122 degrees. So 2a = sqrt 260/9 or 127.2244 degrees.

Next, we can calculate the semi-circular region of the base that is oil filled by finding the area of the sector, and subtracting the area of the triangle of the sector that is not oil filled.

Given the area of the base that is oil filled is 230,72076 in.^2 and the lenght of the tank is 48", we can determine the volume of the oil filled region to be 11,074.66in^3. To convert to gallons we will use the fact that 230 in^3 ~ one gallon. Giving us the result of ~48.15 gallons. A sufficient amount to lasT until spring without having to buy more fuel.
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