Problem Set 4.1

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Problem 4.1.4

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For part (a) use the fact that ABCD is a rectangle and the diagonals of a rectangle will intersect each other.


For part (b) show similar trangle DAF and AEB and use the result from part (a) that AF = AE.








Problem 4.1.11

A square EFGH is inscribed in a triangle ABC. Express the side of the square in terms of the measurable parts of triangle ABC (such as sides and heights).


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Problem 4.1.17

Construct an accute triangle ABC, and then inscribe in it a rectangle with one side on AC anthe the fertices of the opposite side on AB and AC respectively, such that the side of the rectangle on AC is twice as long as the perpendicular to AC. Describe your construction and prove that it is valid.


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