Ideas Paragraphs from Thursday

Each Group, A through F will assemble a Microsoft Word Document containing the ideas paragraphs for that group. Graduate Students assigned to each group will coordinate this and send the file to Jim Wilson. These files will be posted on the web and sent to all participants via the Listserv.

Save files as Group A Ideas.doc, Group B Ideas.doc, etc.


Group A: Steve Benson, David Bressoud, Christine Franklin, Mark Levi, David Royster, Roy Smith

Group B: Jerry Bona, Neil Portnoy, Shlomo Libeskind, Herb Clemens, Tanya Cofer, Walter Seaman

Group C: Kelly and Duane, et al.

Group D: Kathy Jaqua, Jake Klerlein, Charlene Beckmann, Kanita DuCloux, Betty Phillips, Karen Marrongelle, Sarah Donaldson

Group E: Glen Blume, Diane Briars, Maurice Burke, Deborah Gober, Henrique Guimaraes, Larry Hatfield, Heather Johnson, HollyLynne Lee, Sharon Senk

Group F: Tracy Boone, Bill Harrington, Sherry Hix, Natalie Jakucyn, Lisa Sheehy, Steve Viktora, and Matt Winking