Excursions in Geometry: Partitioning a Line Segment

Call for Input

We are planning to publish a monograph tentatively titled "Excursions in Geometry: Partitioning a Line Segment" to be released in early 1998. This book is expected to list and discuss all or most known methods of partitioning a line segment, that is, dividing a line into equal parts. Euclid's method, the GLaD procedure, our own DaD Construction with triangles, etc. will all be there.

We are requesting readers of this note to help us locate any historical or recent references or details of such methods of partitioning. We are planning to give credit to the first person to send in information about procedures not already known to us. We are also thinking of including a disk of Sketchpad files where appropriate along with the book.

Please send questions, comments or information by email to

(SriRanga S. Dattatreya)<SriRanga@BigFoot.Com>

SriRanga S. Dattatreya
Ravi E. Dattatreya
Summit, New Jersey