A Geometry Instructional Unit Plan: Similarity


Nikki Masson


Brook Buckelew

This Unit Plan is designed for Advanced Euclidean Geometry Students in high school. It is designed to take 6 days of instruction for Block Schedule and assessment on the 7th day.


Week 1

Review of triangles and Classification of triangles

Day 1/Lesson 1: Ratio and Proportion


1. Understand ratios.

2. Use ratios correctly to solve problems.

3. Learn and understand proportions.

4. Use proportions to solve problems.

Day 2/Lesson 2: Problem Solving in Geometry with Proportions


1. Use properties of proportions.

2. Use proportions to solve problems.

Day 3/Lesson 3: Similar Polygons


1. Identify similar polygons.

2. Use similar polygons to solve problems.

Day 4/Lesson 4: Similar Triangles


1. Identify and Undestand similar triangles.

2. Use similar triangles to solve problems.

Day 5/Lesson 5: Proving Triangles are Similar


1. Use similarity theorems to prove that two triangles are similar.

2. Use similar triangles to solve problems.

Week 2

Day 1/Lesson 6: Proportions and Similar Triangles.


1. Use proportionality theorems to calculate segment lengths.



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