EMAT 6680

GSP Scripts And Definitions

Cathryn Brooks

Choose the desired script from the list below by clicking on it. This should bring up GSP. Select the objects that are in the given box, then hit play to watch the construction. Have fun! The definitions relating to the scripts are given in the links below the scripts. If a definition is needed look for a link a click on it.


Centroid,G, of a triangle

OrthoCenter,H,of a triangle

Cicumcenter,C,of a triangle




Medial Triangle

OrthCenter, Mid-segment triangle

Orthic triangle

Pedal Triangle

NinePoint Circle

Trisect a segment

Equilateral triangle given a side

Square given a side

Isosceles Triangle give a base and altitude

Triangle Centers (H,G,C, and I)

Triangle Centers with Euler Line

Divide segment into parts that form a golden ratio

Parabola given Directrix and Focus

Simpson Line Deltoid of a given triangle

Locus of circles Tangent to two given Circles

Pentagon,given a radius



Centroid,G, of a triangle

OrthoCenter,H of a triangle



Incenter,I, of a triangle

Medial Triangle

Orthic Triangle

Pedal Point, P of a triangle,Pedal Triangle

Nine Point Circle of a Triangle

Euler Line