EMAT 4680
Final Course Project: Part One
Presentation on December 12, 2000

The purpose of the course project is to synthesize what you have learned about teaching and learning mathematics, and the appropriate use of technology to enhance these processes. The following project and presentation serve as a Part One of your cumulative final exam and are worth 100 points of your final grade.

An Overview of the Project
You and a partner will plan and create a 2-3 day (assume 70 minute class periods) investigation of a mathematics topic that utilizes at least two technology tools explored in this course. This project will include a clearly written lesson plan and student materials, if needed. In addition to the investigation, you will need to write a paper (one per pair of students) that supports the methods used in teaching the topic and how technology is extending or enhancing the learning of this topic. You should use the NCTM Principles and Standards document and, if appropriate, any other readings from books or journals to support your methods. Your paper will also include a reflections section about what you learned in creating your course project.

Each pair of students will share the investigation in a 15 - 20 minute class presentation. Five to ten minutes of that presentation should engage other students in a "glimpse" of the investigation you have planned. The remaining time should be used to discuss your rationale for the methods and technology used, personal reflections, and questions/comments from the group.

Suggestions for Getting Started:
Choose a "big idea" in mathematics that interests you (e.g., functions, geometry, data analysis, etc.). Make a list of some of the major concepts and skills within that "big idea". As you review the sources listed below, you should further refine and focus your "big idea" into a topic for a solid 2-3 day investigation at the grade level of your choice.

Look through the website supporting the NCTM Principles and Standards for suggestions related to your topic of study, including the Illuminations site and the Electronic Examples. You will need to cite which of the 6 Principles and 10 Standards you address in your investigation.

Do a search on your topic both on the internet and/or in print journals such as Mathematics Teacher, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and Learning and Leading with Technology (we have these journals in the math education library). Look for suggested ways to teach your topic. Look through textbooks and workbook materials for suggested activities that address your topic (look in Room 111/113 and the 2nd floor curriculum library) . You are required to reference at least 2 sources from which you found ideas, examples, etc.

You may look at two samples in the EMAT4680 folder on the jwilson2 server. The samples are in a folder labeled "Sample Lesson Plans" :)

And, most importantly, keep asking yourself critical questions about HOW and WHY technology enhances or extends the teaching and learning of your topic. Remember, you need to formulate a solid rationale in support of the teaching methods and technology you will use in your 2-3 day investigation of this mathematics topic.


Guide and Rubric for Project Assessment

I. Lesson Plans, Rationale, and Reflections


Points Possible
1. Describe your "big idea", the important concepts and 
skills related to that big idea, and the focused topic for
your investigation. Describe the grade level and course
where your investigation could be taught. Also describe
the prerequisite skills and concepts that are essential for
students to be successful in your investigation. 
(1-2 paragraphs)

  10 pts
2. List and briefly discuss the NCTM Principles and
Standards that are addressed in your investigation and
support the methods and technology used. 
(1 page max)

  10 pts
3. Include a lesson plan that includes  classroom procedures, 
guiding questions for students,and an outline of what you and 
the students will be doing throughout the investigation. The 
format of this plan is flexible. Be sure to also include any 
worksheets or handouts that would be used by students.

 30 pts
4. Discuss a well-formulated rationale in support of your 
methods and technology used for investigating the
mathematics topic. The rationale should contain evidence
of a synthesis of the information you learned from the
NCTM Principles and Standards, textbooks, and
literature, as well as other sources you may have
(1-3 pages)

 20 pts
5. Write a reflection on developing the investigation. 
What did you and your partner learn about the mathematics topic?
What did you learn about teaching this topic and students'
understandings of this topic? What did you learn about
the use of technology for this topic? 
(1 page )

 10 pts


 70 pts


II. 15 - 20 minute class presentation of investigation

 Part of Presentation
 Points Possible
Provide a clear "glimpse" at the investigation that actively 
engages the class in using the technology. (5 - 10 minutes)

 15 pts
Provide a clear concise summary of your rationale for the 
methods and technology used. (5-10 minutes)

 10 pts
Provide a brief "glimpse" at your personal reflections on 
developing this investigation. (5 minutes)

 5 pts


 30 pts

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