Mid-Term Exam Assessment Criteria


In-Class Exam

Proof (10pts)

Did you use ceva's theorem? (up to 6pts)

Did you use ceva's theorem correctly? (up to 2pts)

Was your proof complete and well written? (up to 2pts)

Script (10pts)

Did your script create an isosoceles trapezoid? (up to 6pts)

Did your script translate correctly? (up to 2pts)

Did your script reflect correctly? (up to 2pts)

Investigation (30pts)

Did you do the specified construction? (up to 5pts)

Did you describe the rectangle that was formed? (up to 10pts)

Did you investigate what happens when original parallelogram is a square, rhombus, or other relationships? (up to 10pts)

Did you justify your observations? (up to 5pts)

Did you provide a proof for any of your conjectures? (up to 5pts)


Take Home Exam

Investigation (25pts)

Did you define your center? (up to 2pts)

Did you construct the center? (up to 4pts)

Did you provide a link to the gsp file of your construction? (up to 2pts)

Did you investigate and make conjectures? (up to 4pts)

Did you provide a proof of a conjecture? (up tp 2pts)

Did you provide historical information? (up to 2pts)

Did you suggest possible extensions of the investigation? (up to 2pts)

Paper (25pts)

Did you reflect on the assigned readings?

Did you cite your references?

Did you incorporate other readings and your experiences into the reflection?

Was the paper well written?

Did you adhere to the formatting requirements?

Were you reflective and thoughtful?