Algebra II and Trigonometry


Equipment: Meter sticks or tape measures, stop watches, and rubber balls

Procedure: {Participants will drop a rubber ball from various heights and record the
time elapsed to the third bounce.}

1. Divide students into groups of 2. Each group will collect data for at least 7 trials.

2. One group member will drop the ball from a designated height as the other one times
how long it takes to get to the third bounce.

3. The students should pick 7 different heights and then do 3 trials for each height. Use the
average of these 3 as the recording for the data.

Data: {(drop height, time to third bounce)}

Each group will enter it's own data into lists, graph and find a curve of best fit. Then, make a class graph of all trials and compare each individual's group curve of best fit to that of the class.

MODIFICATIONS: Measure initial height, height at first bounce, height at second bounce, etc.
Data: {(bounce number, bounce height)}

From: Teachers T eaching with Technology, 1995 Summer Institute
University of Texas at Arlington