Is It a Function ?

The object of this lesson is to determine if sets of ordered pairs (data)
form a function. You will need several size cylinders, string, rulers,
meter/yard sticks, scales, and graduated cylinders with water.


Have students collect several sets of data (ordered pairs). Use a graphing tool to plot each set of data on a different coordinate plane, and determine from graph whether or not it is a function. Ideas for data follow:
1. Compare circumference of cylinder to diameter. Use string to
get length of circumference and diameter and then measure on a

2. Compare height of one person to weight; get data from several

3. Compare handspan to arm length.

4. Compare weight of tiny objects (found using electronic scales
from science department) to volume (found by water displacement)

If graphing program allows, print out graphs; make transparencies to show clas or let each group use to report findings.