I Have . . . Who Has . . .?

Students will multiply polynomials.
Materials needed:
48 I have . . . Who has . . .? cards
Construction paper

Instructions to the teacher for making activity.
On construction paper draw rectangles 2" x 3" to serve as the cards. Write one of answer-and-question pairs shown below on each card. Laminate, if possible.
Instructions to the teacher for conducting the activity.
1. Shuffle the deck of cards.
2. Give each student at least two cards.
3. Do not let the students use pencil and paper if this is a review.
4. Use the answer key to follow along.
5. Choose a student to read a beginning card or keep a card from the stack and start the activity yourself. Read the "Who has . . .?" question from the beginning card. The student who has the card with the correct answer reads the answer and then the question from that card.
6. Remind each student to read the question from the same card from which the answer was read.
7. The activity ends when all cards have been read and it comes back around to the beginning card.

Question-and-Answer pairs: