The object of this lab is to create a linear function of the number of people saying their name versus the time it takes those people to say their name.

Materials: students, stopwatch, data collection sheet, TI-82


1. Start with the first three people in your class. Have them say their names one at a time as the teacher (or timekeeper) times how long it takes.

2. Record your data points {(number of people, time)}.

3. Continue in increments of 3 recording the time for each go around. If you do not end up with
enough students for the last trial, have the last person say their name either one or two times to
make up the last increment.

4. Record your data. Choose 2 data points to get an estimate of the line of best fit. Now, graph
your data on the TI-82 and compare the calculators estimate to your own. How do they

5. Can you predict how long it will take for 25 people in the room? 150 people? the whole school?

From: Teachers Teaching with Technology, 1995 Summer Workshop
University of Texas at Arlington