Welcome to Chonbuk National University

Chonbuk National University, one of 60 national universities in Korea, has grown from a small provincial instiution into a distinguished major national university since its founding five decades ago. Esablished by Chonbuk Provincial Government in 1947 and enlarged by the Ministry of Education in 1951, the University has become one of Korea's leading universities. As of 1995, the University embraces the Graduate School, professional graduate programs (Graduate School ofAgricultural Development, Graduate School of Business Adminstration, Graduate School ofEducation, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Public Adminstration, Graduate School of Industrial Technology, Graduate School ofInformation Science, Graduate School ofOccupational Health ) , 13 colleges ( College ofAgriculture, College ofArts, College of Commerce, College of Dentistry, College ofEducation, College of Engineering, College of Home Economics, College ofHumanities, College ofLaw, College ofNatural Sciences , College of Social Sciences, College ofVeterinary Medicine, and Medical School), Institutes andAdminstation . A total of 94 departments are staffed with some 749 faculty members. The University provides its more than 20,000 students and staff with superb educational and research facilities and up-to-date laboratories.
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