Welcome to my homepage!!! I am a Ph. D student in the Mathematics Education Department at the University of Georgia. I am interested in the development of teacher education programs with emphasis on the secondary level and qualitative research methodology. I truely welcome you to my home page!!


Department of Mathematics Education

College of Education, University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia 30602


Studying mathematics education in the mathematics education department at University of Georgia as a Ph.D student with acumulative GPA 4.00.
Hard working family-oriented individual who worked to pay for university and graduate studies while earning a cumulative GPA 3.89 at Chonbuk National University in Korea, and a cumulative GPA 4.00 at the University of Georgia for the master's program.


Mathematics Education. University of Georgia.
Athens, Georgia, United States of America.
graduated with Master of Education in Mathematics Education, December, 1996.

Mathematics Education. Chonbuk National University.
Chonju, Korea.
graduated with B.S. degree February, 1995.


Jackson County School Project Assistantship from Anthony Pellegrini in College of Education, University of Minesota from Fall 1997 - Spring 1999

Department Assistantships, University of Georgia. (January 1997 - the present)

Regent out of tuition waiver, University of Georgia. ( January 1996- December 1996)

Chonbuk National University Scholarship for foreign study students,
$ 10,000 for 1995. ( June 1995 )

Undergraduate Scholarship, Chonbuk National University ( 1991-1994 )

English Drama Competition, KOTESOL, second prize. ( December, 1994 )
English Listening Contest, Chonju University, second prize. ( June,1994 )
English Essay Contest, Chonbuk Herald, second prize. ( October, 1993 )
Vocal Contest, Chonbuk National University, first prize. ( June, 1992 )


Paper presentation at the 22nd Annual Conference of EERA(Eastern Educational Research Association) from Feb. 24-Feb. 27 in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The title of the paper is "What constitute good teaching practice? A case study of an experienced mathematics teacher's classroom teaching practice from the practitioner's perspective.

Published a paper entitled "First ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education: A Personal Report" in the Mathematics Educator, 9(1), 18-19 in Fall, 1998.

Working for Dr. Thomas Cooney as a graduate assistant (Spring semester, 1999) in publishing departmental graduate handbook, and also keeping working on the JCMP(Jackson County Middle School Prject).

Worked for EMT 7310, Teaching mathematics in middle school as a Teaching Assistant (Fall semester, 1998), and also working for JCMP(Jackson County Middle school Project) with Dr. Anthony Pellegrini in the University of Minesota studying middle school children at the East Jackson middle school in Jackson county, GA.

Attended ICMI-EARCOME(East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education) conference at Chungju, Korea on August 17-August 20, 1998, presenting a paper entitled "A teacher's beliefs about mathematics and their manifestation in teaching practice" in the topic group C-Teacher Training.

Secretary of MESA (Mathematics Education Students Association) from fall, 1997 to spring, 1998

Attended National Conference of NCTM in Washington, D.C. in April 3, 1998, and participated in a discussion group by WAME as one of the pannel to talk about the national curriculum of Korea with others from Columbia, India, and United States of America.

Worked for EMT 715, General Mathematics as a Teaching Assistant (Spring quarter, 97).

Worked for EMT 400, Mathematics and Science as a Teaching Assistant (Winter quarter, 97)

Worked for EMT 715, General Mathematics as a Teacing Assistant (Fall quarter, 97), and worked for JCMP project in East Jack Middle School with Dr. Anthony Pellegrini researching middle school children (Fall, 97 through Spring quarter, 98).

Worked for EMT 731, Teaching Mathematics in Middle School as a Teaching Assistant (Summer quarter, 97).

Worked for LITMUS 2000, a project in the mathematics education department with Dr. John Olive and Dr. Hatfield as a Research Assistant(Winter and Spring quarters, 1997)

Observed a high school mathematics classroom of Mrs. Anne Brightwell at Clarke Central High School in Athens, GA for Spring quarter, 1997.

Worked in the Mathematics Department with Dr. Borisov and Dr. Matic for two MAT 253 Calculus classes, 1996-1997.

Taught middle and high school students Mathematics and English privately for 4 years (1991-1994) - acquired much patience, responsibility, and speaking and teaching skills.

Woosuk Girls High School - One month practicum teaching junior students Mathematics in 5 classes.



Came to the United States of America for a graduate study, August 1995 for graduate study.

Have travelled Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Luxemburg and The Netherlands in 1992.

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