Chapter 6: Rationals: Multiplication, Division, and Applications


Millard Lewis and John Moore

The purpose of this unit is to instruct you, the student, in the multiplication and division of rationals and their applications. Below, you will find lessons listed by their topic. These lessons try to incorporate mathematical technology and the World Wide Web for enrichment.

You are encouraged to print the instuctions for each day. In fact, the worksheets that are included in each lesson may be required by your teacher to turn in for assessment.


Day One: Multiplication of Fractions

Day Two: Multiplication of Decimals

Day Three: Multiplicative Inverses

Day Four: Division of Fractions

Day Five: Division of Decimals

Day Six: Geometric Sequences

Day Seven: Solving Equations and Inequalities Using Rationals

Day Eight: Scientific Notation

Day Nine: Solving Two-Step Equations

Day Ten: Sample Exam