EMAT 4950/6950

Course Syllabus

Professional Seminar in Teaching Mathematics


Instructor Teresa G. Banker

Office: Aderhold 109C

Phones: 542 -4544 (office) (770) 889 - 4932 (home 9 am - 9 pm)

E-mail: tbanker@coe.uga.edu or thebankers@mindspring.com


Overview: This course will review issues identified from the student teaching experience in mathematics with consideration of various avenues for professional growth.


Objectives:The objectives of this course are for you to:

Reflect on the student teaching experience

Share teaching strategies, teaching successes, and teaching failures

Visit a variety of schools (urban, suburban, and rural) and compare and contrast unique aspects of each setting

Re-visit topics from prior courses from an advanced perspective, (e. g., cultural diversity, management, motivation, teacher expectations, assessment)

Discuss the transition from preservice teacher to a professional by looking at strategies for securing a job to investigating what it means to be a professional

Examine strategies for complying with HB1187 in Georgia


Attendance: Attendance and participation are essential in this course, both for you to learn and so that others may benefit from your input. Attendance is expected because most of class time will be spent on group discussions and activities. It is important that you arrive in a prompt and timely fashion. The university allows one absence (total time 1 hour) without penalty. For any absence thereafter, for one hour or more, I require you to complete an article critique. Unexcused absences and tardiness will affect your class participation grade.


Assignments: I will try to make the purpose of each assignment clear. If you have questions about the purpose of the assignment or what is expected, please ask. The requirements for all major assignments are detailed in the following pages. Late assignments will be assessed a penalty of 10% of the grade. You are expected to demonstrate correct use of the English language with regard to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. As a general rule, it is expected that you will do your assignments on a word processor and print them for me or e-mail them to me.


Grades: Letter grades will be assigned based on the total number of points earned. The grading scale will be a 90-80-70-60 scale. University policies regarding course withdrawal and the assignment of incomplete grades will be followed. Grades will be based on the following:


Assignments (see attached pages)

160 points

Final Exam

0 points

Class participation

25 points


185 points


Team Assignment: Each school is assigned to a team in the following manner:

Team A: Apalachee - Parkview - Clarke Central

Team B: Elbert - Collins Hill - Cedar Shoals

This assignment facilitates the fact book - fieldtrip element of the course.

Assignment Overview




Due Date