Note: In 1998 this Quarter System course was replaced by the Semester System Course EMAT 7050

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EMT 705 Teaching Mathematics in the Year 2000

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UGA Academic Honesty Policy

The University of Georgia seeks to promote and ensure academic honesty and personal integrity among students and other members of the University Community. A policy on academic honesty has been developed to serve these goals. All members of the academic community are responsible for knowing the policy and procedures on academic honesty.

Course Papers

Gail Engel's Paper

Shafi Ahmad's Paper

Phil Bohlen's Paper

Fred Ficquet's Paper

Nique Page's Paper

Karen Hood's Paper

Linda Duvall's Paper

Melanie James's Paper

Melodee Lackey's Paper

Debra Newsome's Paper

Cathy Perkins's Paper

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Note: This was the only term I was allowed to teach this course in my career at the University of Georgia. Karen Hood's paper has been printed with permission in a book of readings with international distribution.