Fall SEMESTER 2015

Final Assignment

The due date for your notebook is on or before Wednesday, December16, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. If you need more time, discuss it with me. Electronic format (web site, CD, or file) is fine. The usual format is in a looseleaft notebook. Wednesday December 16 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm is the assigned final examination time for this course.  The final assignment is in lieu of a final exmination.

You should also include instructions on how I can return the material to you (An address where it can be sent, or a statement that you will come get it after January 11). We are no longer permitted to return materials to students by placing the materials in a public place where students can pick them up at their leisure.  If you are submitting a copy and do not need the copy you submit returned to you, please let me know.


1. Notebook (200 points)

This is the accumulation of your work for the semester. It represents the scope of your activity in the course and your organization of the material from the course to fit your future needs. (Note: A notebook with only the problems for Part 2 does not satisfy the spirit of the course and will not earn full credit.) My scoring "rubric" includes scope of the problem sets, clarity of organization, and evidence of usefulness.



2. 20 Solutions -- You choose. (100 points)

You select 20 problems with solutions you have prepared. I will read and assess them for accuracy and presentation. "Solutions" may also include, if you want, your comments, extensions, or interpretations of the problems, or your notes on adaptation of the problems for classroom use. In a sense this is a "portfolio" of what you consider to be your best work for the semester. My scoring "rubric" for these problems includes correctness of the solution, correct mathematics, appropriate reasoning, and clarity of organization.

If your material is in a notebook, mark with a paper clip or something else that is obvious. If it is a Web Site, make a page of links to the 20 problems.

If your selection is a collaboration with someone else and you have the same write-up, put both of your names on it and count it as "half" a problem for the purpose of generating 20. I prefer not having to discover I am reading copies of the same work. Tell me up front.



3. IMPORTANT: Do the on-line course Feedback. (Available December 1 to December 22.)   I can not read your comments, but I do get a list of who has completed the evaluation. The on-line system sends the feedback comments to Dr. Conner.