What is the popultion of trout in Lake Herrick?

The United States Fish and Wildlife Services does research every year to try and estimate the population of fish and wildlife in different areas. The USFWS estimates needed populations by using sample distributions. Let's say they want to find the number of trout in a lake. To do this, they take repeated samples of fish from the total population of fish in the lake and find the proportion of trout in each sample. By finding the mean of the proportion of trout in each sample, they can estimate the population of trout in the lake with 95% confidence.

What is the population of Lake Herrick is an intereactive lesson and will help students see how sample distribtuions can be used in real life. They will make inferences on the population of trout based on their samples.

In this instructional unit, we will be doing a simulation of this process.

Click here for Teachers Guide to Lake Herrick Simulation

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