Geometric Inversion

presented by Kyle Schultz

This instructional unit was inspired by an instructional unit of the same title created by Pam Turner for EMAT 6690 in the spring of 1995. My intentions are to preserve Pam's work, to update it to reflect a decade's worth of technological advances, to improve it where possible, and to make it available to a wider audience. This unit uses two software packages: Geometer's Sketchpad and Graphing Calculator.

A Note to the Teacher: The instructional unit that can be accessed through the links below contain suggestions for questions and topics intended for student exploration. These items will be underlined. Solutions and proofs for these questions, as well as notes for the teacher, are formatted in italics.


Introduction to Geometric Inversion


Constructing Inverses



Inverting Geometric Figures


The Analytic Geometry of Inverting Curves






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