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EMAT 6680 Tutorial

 Assignment 1:
Exploring the Graphs of Logs and Natural

Assignment 2:
Exploring Quadratics in Vertex Form

 Assignment 3:
Varying Coefficients in a Quadratic

 Assignment 4:
Concurrence of Medians

 Assignment 5:
Script Tools

Assignment 6:
Making AX=XY=YB

 Assignment 7:
Tangent Circles

 Assignment 8:
Orthocenters and Circumcircles

 Assignment 9:
Pedal Triangles


 Assignment 10:
Parametric Curves for Powers of Sine and Cosine

 Assignment 11:
Polar Equations

 Assignment 12:
Body Fat Percentage




Final Project Part IIA: Quarter Circle Arcs

Final Assignment Part IIB: Price of Stamps

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