Unit Description:

This is a unit designed for a weeklong summer camp targeting mathematically-gifted middle school age students.  These students are exceptionally bright, and very quick to grasp new material.  This curricular unit will be focused on geometric explorations and problem-solving scenarios. 

Day 1:  Introductions & How to Find the Area of Irregular Objects (Find the area of a pond).  This lessonŐs focus begins with more general shapes, and builds to area of compound shapes and that of irregular shapes. 

Day 2:  Extension:  Predicting Energy Needs (Cylindrical Tank & HydroElectric Power.  We will place initial emphasis on volume of common solids, then move to parts of those solids as well as water flow as a volume/time rate. 

Day 3:  FIFA Soccer:   Properties of Angles.  When should a soccer forward shoot to maximize their chances of scoring &  construct a soccer ball.  The first part of this lesson utilizes NCTM illuminations, while the second part of the lesson creates a solid from a particular patterned net that will create a truncated icosahedron when folded correctly.  An interesting twist for students wanting to do more is found here...

Day 4:  LetŐs Fly a Kite:  A Multi-Part Lesson with a Kite Theme.  Using Right triangle trigonometry to find information for problems involving kites, build tetrahedral kites, comparing length changes to area changes to volume changes.