I was born in Coos Bay, Oregon and moved to Athens, Georgia when I was about one year old.  My sister was born while my family was living in Family Housing.  When I was about four or five, we moved to Atlanta, around the corner from Emory University.  My family finally settled in Decatur, Georgia (also near Emory) where I attended Decatur High School.  While at DHS I played varsity soccer, played in the marching band, was a member of NHS and studied four years of French and three years of German.
Something About Me Name: Molly McKee
Hometown: Decatur, Georgia
High School: Decatur High
College: Emory University
Major:  German Studies
                Film Studies
Minor: Studio Art
College: University of Georgia
Major:  Math Education
 I began Emory University in the fall of 1996, with the intention of studying English. During spring semester, I took German.  This course of study gave me two opportunities to study abroad in Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany.  When I graduated from Emory in spring of 2000, my degree was a major in Film Studies, German Studies and and a minor in Studio Art.
    During the summer of 2001, I moved to Düsseldorf, Germany where I was an Au Pair to a very nice family.  I lived with them for one year while the mother was finishing her studies at the nearby university.
When I’m not working, or studying, taking care of my zoo of animals I enjoy spending some my free time in the following ways:
  1. Dragon Con
Dragon Con is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Convention which meets yearly in downtown Atlanta.
  1. Crafts
Among the many are knitting, needlepoint, and sewing.
  1. Movies
Stanley Kubrick, Nick Parks, Peter Jackson, The Cohen Brothers, Tim Burton,  Kevin Smith, Terry Gilliam, David Lynch, and Ken Burns are some of my favorite directors.
Me and Mom
circa 1979 Votiv Kirche
Vienna, Austria Richard and Boa
Dragon Con, 2005
After taking six years off, I decided to return to school to become certified to teach math.  I entered the Masters Program for Mathematics Education  at the University of Georgia in the Fall of 2006.
World Metal Alliance

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