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Learning geometrical art forms through quilting is a way of of getting children to visualize, analyze, and understand the characteristics of geometrical shapes and patterns. All students can make meaningful quilts using beautiful fabrics coupled with perspective and vision. The interactive approach to making connections between art and mathematics amazes students as they create beautiful symmetrical patterns using tessellations, paper and fabric folding origami, fractal designs, and other patterns in nature. These quilt designs are based on the standards from the Math 1 curriculumn.












Making math come alive through poetry is for those students who have a love for writing. Identifying mathematical terms with the outside word helps students find beauty in what they are learning.


From a Square


Madison J.

Mathematical Landscape


Sophie Williams




Often times keeping students engaged in classroom activities is hard. If you can find something they love and use that as a channel to get them to learn, why not allow them the opportunity? Students learn through repetition. Encouraging students to explore mathematics through their passion is a great way to get the more difficult students to learn. The songs are based on the Georgia Performance Standards for the Math 2 curriculumn.


Mean, Median, Range, and Mode


Geometric Tiling

This project was given to studentsso they could apply geometric concepts in modeling artistic designs. Students were able to use their geometric understanding to look for and make use of structure, create similar figures in repeated patterns, express geometric properties, and transform polygons using appropriate tools strategically (pencil, straightedge, tile cutter, 1 cm grid).

By Justin Jones


Jamonte Smith

Brown & Blue Swirls

By Frank Howard

The Windy City

By Antonio Harris, Austin Johnson, Xavier Echols, and Tamarkus Baker

Flower Garden

By Taylor Ford,

Adara Simmons, and

Yuwei Pan

Just Tiles

By Brianna


Kids and Technology

This project was given to students who enjoy working on the computer. I give a topic and they explore using Geo-Gebra.

Trigonometric Graphs

By Khain Ladely


By Zehadi Alam