EMAT 7050 Mathematics Instruction

Fall 2013



Influences on Motivation in Mathematics and Their Implications for the Classroom (Revised)

Cooperative Learning in Mathematics  (Revised)

I have always been interested in doing group work with my students. I would like to learn some of the research and methods found for best implementing this in a high school mathematics class.



Benefits and Strategies for Classroom Discourse (edited)

Gender Differences in Mathematics

For my second essay, I want to explore gender differences in mathematics. Specifically I want to focus on gender differences in attitudes towards mathematics and the causes of negative attitudes. I also want to explore what we as teachers can do to reverse the stereotypes, and promote positive attitudes in the classroom.



Constructivism: Pedagogical Models, Conceptual Understanding, & Student Motivation

Summative, Formative, and Performance assessments

       For my second paper I want to do research on assessments.   Besides the basics (definitions of summative, formative, and performance assessments), this is an area I am not very familiar with. My one semester of student teaching is essentially the only experience I have creating assessments.


Ghosh Hajra

Teaching Experiment Methodology (Edited)

Challenges in Implementing Cooperative Learning

Abstract: In this paper, I plan to study the effects of cooperative learning on individual learners. My paper will be based on Lisa Sheehy's dissertation : Using Student Voice to Deconstruct Cooperative, Mathematical Problem Solving and Linda Bailey Crawford's dissertation: Factors influencing the problem solving of college students solving a mathematics problem in a small group: Two case studies.




Subject Matter Preparation for (Effective) Mathematics Teaching


The Evolution of Mathematics Educational Standards from GPS to CCSS

Mathematics and English Language Learners

I want to research the difficulty (or not difficulty) bilingual students have with mathematics. I also want to research strategies for effectively teaching mathematics to bilingual students.



Teaching Vocabulary for Conceptual Understanding in the Mathematics Classroom

Teacher Praise and Movivation in the Mathematics Classroom.

I was really intrigued by Kelly's paper on "Influences of Motivation in mathematics and their Implications in the Classroom." I want to research how teacher's praising techniques can influence motivation. From my experience in both elementary and middle school mathematics classrooms, teachers often praise students a lot to try and keep them motivated, get their work done, or boost their confidence. It’s important to make students feel successful, but I question if praising is a good tactic. I'm interested in how praising them affects their motivation or lack thereof in the mathematic classroom.


Teaching mathematics to struggling students

Learning and Teaching Through Assessments



The Calculus Reform: An Analysis of Calculus Teaching Approaches

Concept Image: Development and Applications to Calculus Courses

Since my last paper discussed different Calculus teaching methods, many of which focused on conceptual understanding, I would like to write this paper on David Tall's idea of concept image and see if it reveals any difficulties in student learning, particularly with regards to elementary Calculus concepts.



The Causes and Remedies for Math Anxiety

Gifted Students in Mathematics Education