Mathematics Instruction Discussion Topics (maybe)


CCSSM Grade levels
CCSSM Mathematical Practices

NCTM Agenda for Action (1981)
NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation (1989)
NCTM Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics (1991)
NCTM Assessment Standards for School Mathematics (1995)
NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (2000)

Equity and Social Justice in mathematics

Problem Solving and Mathematics Teaching

Assessment of Problem Solving

Direct Instruction

Constructivist Teaching

Flipped Classroom in mathematics

On-line mathematics

Learning styles in mathematics instruction

Mathematics teacher teach as they were taught . . .

No Child Left Behind

Should Calculus be taught in high school? How?

Teaching Advanced Placement Mathematics

Race to the Top

Applications of Mathematics 

"Real Life"  mathematics

Collaborative Learning

Cooperative Groups

Technology as tools for doing mathematics

Reasoning,  justification, and proof

Algebraic Reasoning or Algebraic Thinking

Teaching for Understanding

Teaching Mathematics to SLL students

Communication and mathematics; writing in mathematics

Affect in Mathematics

Attitudes toward mathematics
Locus of Control
Attribution theory

Teaching of

Number and numeration concepts
Statistics Concepts
Statistics Procedures

Philosophy of mathematics

Philosophy of mathematics teaching

Philosophy of mathematics learning

Learning theories and mathematics

Using GSP in mathematics instruction

Appropriate uses of technology in mathematics instruction

Inappropriate uses of technology in mathematics instruction

Cognition and metacognition in mathematics instruction