EMAT 6700

by Brad Simmons

Constructions Using Geometer's Sketchpad

This page is designed for high school geometry students to use the geometer's sketchpad to learn some basic constructions. Furthermore, there are a few problems and explorations included on this page that serve as extensions to the basic constructions being introduced and discussed. 


Chapter 1

Construction 1    Congruent Segments

Construction 2    Bisecting a Segment

Construction 3    Congruent Angles

Construction 4    Angle Bisector

Construction 5    Perpendicular Lines through a point on the Line

Construction 6    Perpendicular Lines through a point not on the Line

Extension 1        Perimeter and Area of Irregular Shapes

Extension 2        Curve Stitching

Chapter 2

Extension 3        Venn Diagrams

Extension 4        Bisecting  a Hidden Angle

Chapter 3

Construction 7    Construction of Parallel Lines

Extension 5        Toothpick puzzles

Chapter 4

Construction 8    Constructing Congruent Triangles

Extension 6        How many Triangles?

Extension 7        Triangle Challenges

Chapter 5

Extension 8        Orthocenter

Extension 9        Tangrams

Extension 10       Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles

Chapter 6

Construction 9    Rectangle

Construction 10   Rhombus   

Construction 11   Median of a Trapezoid

Extension 11        Tessellations

Extension 12        Counting Squares and Rectangles

Chapter 7

Construction 12    Trisecting a segment

Extension 13        Constructing Similar Polygons

Extension 14        Golden Rectangles

Chapter 8

Extension 15        Creating Pythagorean Puzzles

Extension 16        Constructing values of square roots

Chapter 9

Construction 13   Finding the center of a circle

Construction 14   Tangent from a point outside the circle

Construction 15    Circle Inscribed in a Polygon

Extension 17        Four color problem

Extension 18        Tangent circles   

Extension 19        Nine-point circle

Chapter 10

Construction 16    Regular Hexagon

Construction 17    Reflecting a Triangle

Extension 20        Constructing a Decagon

Extension 21        Transformations and Reflections