By Nami Youn

Essay 1 : Golden Ratio in Art and Architecture


According to NCTM’s Principles and Standard for School Mathematics(2000), rich problems contexts involve connections to other disciplines, (e.g. science, social studies, art) as well as to the real world and to the daily life experience of middle-grades students(NCTM, 2000, p.374).
An exploration with the golden ratio offers opportunities to connect an understanding the conceptions of ratio and proportion to geometry. The mathematical connections between geometry and algebra can be highlighted by connecting Phi to the Fibonacci numbers and some golden figures. Also, the golden ratio is a good topic to introduce historic and aesthetic elements to a mathematical concept, because we can find that not a few artists and architects were connected with the golden ratio of their works through much of the art history.

The one of purposes of this essay is to overview the golden ratio briefly. The other is to introduce the occurrences of the golden ratio in art and architecture.


I. Discovery of the Golden Ratio
          A. A brief history of the Golden Ratio
          B. Definitions of the Golden Ratio related to Fibonacci sequence number

II. Some Golden Geometry

III. The Golden Ratio in Art

IV. The Golden Ratio in Architecture

V. Resources

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