EMAT 4690
Instructor: J. Wilson
Using Computers in Mathematics Instruction
EMAT 4690
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Jon Challen

A Little Bit About Me
About the Author

EMAT 4690 Work

Circle Inversion (Geometry)
Essay Number 1

Trisecting the Area of a Triangle
Essay Number 2

The Parabola
Instructional Unit

EMAT 4680 Work

Parameter Changes on y = a sin(bx + c)
Write-Up Number 1

Tangent Lines of Functions
Write-Up Number 2

Square Root Algorithm Derivation
Mathematical Exploration

GSP Script Library
Write-Up Numbers 3 & 4

Too Square (GSP Required)
Midterm, Question 1

Ask Dr. Math Exploration
Midterm, Question 2

Parabolas: the Directrix & the Focus
Write-Up Number 5

Analyzing Data Sets Using MS Excel
Write-Up Number 6

Fibonacci Numbers: Ratios Using MS Excel
Write-Up Number 7

Lesson Plans: Pythagorean Theorem
Final Project

36 Methods of Mathematical Proof
Mathematical Humor

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