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Geoffray Estes

    I live in Athens with my wife and son, and various animals. My wife works for OISD at UGA, and I am a teacher at Cedar Shoals High School.  I have one semester left in graduate school in Math Education, and would like to continue with my Ed. Specialist degree possibly in Instructional Technology. We will just have to see what the future brings. Enjoy these pages.
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Links I like:
The Estes Garden
UGA Juggling Club
The Department of Mathematics Education

EMAT 6690

Instructional Unit:
Regular Polygons
Perimeter of Polygons
Introduction to Polyhedra
Euler's Formula
Platonic Solids

Essay #1:  Morley's Theorem
Essay #2: Fagnano's Problem
Essay #3: Fermat's Problem
Essay #4: 15o Triangle Problem

EMAT 6700

    Most of what you want to know about the statistical features of the TI-83 Plus can be found here.  I would like to expand this site into a place where teachers, and students can go to share ideas, lessons, and activities involving the TI-83 Plus and its STAT menu features.  For now, this is a tutorial site with room to grow.  Enjoy!

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