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Connie Green

Email address: cgreen05@hotmail.com

Something about me.


I have taught high school math for 13 years at Morgan County High School

in Madison, Georgia. I am currently working on my specialist degree. This is my

second semester in the program. I have three boys that range in age from 15 to 2

years old.


Instructional Unit: Graphs of Equations


Day1: Distance of a segment

Day2: Midpoint of a segment

Day 3: Linear Equations

Day 4: Slope of a Line

Day 5: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Day 6: Finding Equations of Lines

Day 7: Unit Review

Day 8: Unit Exam

Day 9: Extensions and Explorations


Essay1: Copernicus

Essay 2: Tangent Circles

Essay 3: Ratio Puzzles with Triangles

Essay 4: Similar Circles

Essay 5: Coordinate Proofs with Circles



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