Some Conclusions

1. The investigation in which I learned the most mathematics was the one on pedal triangles. This was a whole new idea for me and it opened up a lot of possibilities for exploring with triangles and Geometer Sketch Pad.

2. The Sine Graph is the project that I am most satisfied with because it will be useful in explaining what has seemed to be a difficult concept for many students. It covers the necessary aspects of graphing the curve in ways that can be understood and in steps so that the whole concept is not overwhelming.

3. The collection of Geometer Sketch Pad sketchs and scripts will probably be the most useful project of the quarter because it will save time in working more geometry projects. It could be useful for students, too, if it is available to them.

4. The most interesting new area of exploration for me was parametric equations. This is an area in which I've had little experience and it was fascinating to see some of the graphs. This could be a very creative aspect of mathematics and I am thinking of doing more investigating in this area.