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Last modified December 15, 1997
EMT 668 (Fall '96)

Computers and Algorithms in Mathematics Education

Write-ups one through five and the final project of this course can be visited here. Some of the topics dealt with include:

Finding linear functions whose product is tangent to the functions,
Some different ways to examine the solution of quadratic equation,
An exploration of triangles and their various points of concurrency
An introduction to the polar equation r = a + b cos (k t) and its graphs,
A search for some special numbers
, and
A final project consisting of five questions that explore hyperbolas, writing GSP scripts, the use of computer software to teach maximizing problems, Ceva's theorem and one further free choice problem.

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EMT 669 (Winter '97)

Using Computers in Mathematics Instruction

Three essays and an instructional unit prepared during this course can be visited here. Some of the topics dealt with include:

Area relationships,

Peano curves,

Cycloids, Hypocycloids, Epicycloids, Hypotrochoids and Epitrochoids

A problem involving three circles

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EMT 725 (Summer '97)

Problem solving in Mathematics

This page is under construction as I am working on the course

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EMT 705 (Summer '97)

A lesson series incorporating the application of conic sections and in particular ellipses in space flight with special focus on the challenges of the Mars Pathfinder mission.

Some Projective Geometry Illustrations

Desargues Theorem

A movie clip that illustrates the essence of this theorem.

Projective Equivalence

A movie clip that illustrates the projective equivalence of a circle and an ellipse.

The Composition of rotations in the plane about any center

This is a problem posed in my Tranformational Geometry (MAT722) course which I explore using GSP.

Spreadsheets, Pascal's Triangle and Sierpinski Gaskets.

A paper on the use of spreadsheets as a tool for exploring the relationships between Pascal's Triangle and Sierpinski Triangles.

Some snapshots from our Summer 1997 East Coast (USA) holiday.

About some musical talent........

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