EMAT 6680 Final Projects

Fall 2014


Complete each of the following parts. Part One is merely finishing off the write-ups for the semester. Part Two should be new web page items. Part Three is the course evaluation.

Part One

Review your Write-ups 1 to 12. Revise as you wish to reach the point where you feel that, collectively, the 12 write-ups represent your best work for the course. They are an elctronic portofolio of your work.


Part Two

Complete a Write-up on your Web Page for each of A   AND   B below. This should be individual work.

A. Bouncing Barney

This link will take you to an exploration often adapted for middle school students.     The idea of Bouncing Barney is that he is in a triangular enclosure and beginning from some point in the plane,  he travels in a direction parallel to one side of the triangular enclosure until he reaches one of the boundaries or its extention.    At that point Barney then changes direction and travels parallel to another side of the enclosure.    There are multiple investigations to explore the path Barney may take, looking not only at the path alternatives, but also the distances.

Distance in this problem may, in some cases, take into consideration whether Barney is going in a positive direction or a negative direction.




Complete a Write-up on your Web Page for one additional investigation, chosen from Exploration 0 through Exploration 12. Clearly it should be an investigation other than one you have written up before. This should be individual work.

Part Three

Course Feedback


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