EMAT 6680


Last modified March 4, 2016.
The "write-ups" for EMAT 6680 represent your synthesis and presentation of mathematics investigations you have done -- usually under the direction of one of the assignments. The major point is that it convincingly communicates what you have found to be important from the investigation. The focus should be on the mathematical ideas, not just the images that can be created with application software.

The hypothetical audience might be your students, your classmates, or classroom mathematics teachers. I have sometimes suggested the Mathematics Teacher article as a model. There is some constraint on such manuscripts to present a topic in a reasonable amount of space, to emphasize the essential and to eliminate the irrelevant (though sometimes interesting) side issues.

So it is with our write-ups. An EMAT 6680 write-up should communicate the essential material you have synthesized from your investigation. The format could be entirely in a word-processing document. After all, an HTML document is basically a word processing document with links. The HTML format, however, can combine narrative, pictures, and program applications in a dynamic document.

Write-ups should be posted to your personal Web Page. If you work as a team on a write-up, post the write-up into each team member's Web Page but label collaborative effort.

Write-ups are submitted any time up to the end of the semester. I will review and provide feedback on drafts of write-ups prior to the end of the semester IF ASKED. What you submit via your web page is an electronic portfolio of your work.

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