(Note to the reader: The following eulogy was for my Uncle William Rominger. He was a paratrooper in World War II. After the war, he started a successful construction business built on quality, hard work, and integrity. In the eulogy, there is no mention of these things because I remembered him as a family man. I believe of all the things he might wish to be remembered for and for that which was truly important to him, that The Juicy Fruit Man would want it that way.)

Proverbs 22:1
"A good name is rather to be chosen than great
riches and loving favor than silver and gold."

William Rominger was affectionately known as Poppa, Pop, Uncle Bill and Bubbles. He was also known as the Juicy Fruit Man because as he was going to and from work Uncle Bill would throw out Juicy Fruit gum to the children along the way.

I remember how my brother and I would climb all over him as he laid on the floor and let us play. Several months back, I told Aunt Audrey about a dream I had about being back out at the old farm house playing in the creek, finding lizards and crawdads and eating Colby cheese. My memories of those times always bring back smiles.

As much as we may remember him as a man of integrity and grace, it was when he was around children that you saw a man who was truly loved. From his "doe, rae, me's" to his "it hurt so good" when he missed a nail...which wasn't often, he loved talking with children.

Bill Rominger was a good man. He was not one thing today and something else tomorrow. He lived his faith daily and showed us how to make the walk through life with love, peace, kindness, gentleness and self-control. Someone asked Aunt Audrey if Bill ever did anything wrong...her answer was not much.

Betty Feezor, a beloved television personality in Charlotte, wrote "live so that when you die, it will have mattered that you were here." Many people will tell you life has been sweeter for them and it mattered that Uncle Bill...a carpenter, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a friend was here.

I would now like to address my comments to my Aunt Audrey (Dard). Uncle Bill loved you very much. With a wink and a smile, you were always a sight for sore eyes. Dard, Uncle Bill left us just past quitting time on May 15th but there is much left for you to do. Being around the two of you, always seemed like a great adventure and the time spent with you and Uncle Bill are some of the sweetest and dearest memories of my life. Haily, Dalton, Wesley, Little William and Christina will need sometime in their lives the same sweet memories you and Uncle Bill gave to my brothers and I and to so many others in this room. So now, I ask that you continue playing in creeks, eating Colby cheese, and taking Haily, Dalton, Wesley, Little William and Christina and other children including me on your wonderful adventures. Uncle Bill would want it that way.