Golf Ball Problem

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My name is ___ _______ and I tutor kids in mathematics and I am having a problem solving a problem similar to the golf ball problem below. I realize you need to use the definition of a parabola but I can't seem to get the mathematics to work out. Do you have the solution to this problem?

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Practice problem 1:

Suppose that a golf ball travels a distance of 600 feet as measured along the ground and reaches an altitude of 200 feet. If the origin represents the tee and the ball travels along a parabolic path that opens downward, find an equation for the path of the golf ball.


A. Solve the problem. Assume that the terrain of the golf course is flat -- that the landing point is at the same elevation as the tee. Further, the 600 feet is the distance from the tee to the point where the ball lands. Does your graph look like this?

B. How would you respond to the tutor who is asking for help?

Hint for solving the problem?

One possible response to the tutor.