Mathematics Education

THE HOOTEN AWARD 1986 - 2017


Jim Wilson


Dr. Joseph R. Hooten, Jr.
Picture taken during a visit to the department after his retirement.

The Award --

Joseph R. Hooten, Jr. Award for Excellence in Mathematics Education

Previous Award Recipients

Dr. Hooten --

Faculty Member, Department of Mathematics Education, 1965-1986.

-- Native of Columbus, Georgia

-- Undergraduate degree at Auburn University   

-- Doctorate at Columbia University 

-- Elementary School teacher and principal

-- Former faculty member at Florida State University


This award created to honor his retirement in 1986

Primary organizer of the 1967 Conference on Needed Research in Mathematics Education.

City Councilman for two terms in the 1970s

Community Leader (e.g. Council on Aging)



My years as his Department Head -- 1969-1986

-- His students always first with him.

-- Each of us was his student.

-- Respect for and expectations of each individual

-- Never a complaint about his department head