Links to some pictures 2006

Edisto, November 2006.

Easter 2006 and some Azalea Pictures from our yard, 2006

Doctoral Graduations, 2006; summer graduation party

Kansas Pictures, August and September, 2006

Miscellaneous Pictures from 2006

Five Generations

Morgan's 17th Birthday

January 2007 Postings


June 2006 Sean's Graduation and Party.

Graduation from Woodbridge High School, June 2006

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May 2006 Events for the Mitchells:

Karen, Bachelor of Science in Education Degree, Mercer University

William, Graduation from Campbell High School


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Azaleas and yard, April 2, 2006.

       YardPictures. Yard pictures taken on April 2, 2006. Note the grass in theback yard. First time we have ever had this good of a start on a lawn backthere. The pink azaleas in the front of the house are recovering nicely fromthe severe (more than 50 percent) trimming of two years ago.

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Renovation:  Kitchen, Laundry, Closet.

       Renovations Pictures as of January 22  (HTML).   Essentially complete.    Everything is in place – stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinets, countertops, sink, disposal, lights, microwave, and dishwasher.   The backsplashes are new (near the end of the sequence) and the blind has been installed on the kitchen window.

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Thanksgiving 2004.

 We all got together on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and had a music session. Here are some pics. All the grandchildren and all three daughters participated. Ryan has a new guitar. Morgan and Samantha on the fiddles, Sean on the manodlin, Joshua and Katherine on guitar. William provided percussion.

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Family Music Video   

This music video was put together when the family assembled at 290 Hampton Court (the house without a kitchen) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.   I am not sure anyone but family wants to listen to it, but here are the details:


            Video Format:   Windows Media player  .wmv


            Playing it on a Macintosh with Netscape or Internet Explorer needs to have Windows Media Player version 9 in order to get both sound and video.   Some machines buffer the download and begin playing immediately.   Others download the whole thing before beginning.


Participants:     Nancy Buckler, guitar and vocals

                        Mary Kerr, guitar and vocals

                        Karen Mitchell, vocals

                        Samantha Buckler, fiddle, drum, and vocals

                        Morgan Mitchell, fiddle and vocals

                        Katherine Kerr, guitar and vocals

                        Sean Kerr, mandolin and vocals

                        Joshua Buckler, guitar and vocals

                        William Mitchell, spoons, drum, and vocals

                        Ryan Kerr, guitar and vocals

                        Jim Wilson, mandolin


Audience:       Corene Wilson

                        Steve Buckler (alias camerman)

                        Ralph Kerr

                        Mark Mitchell




Sean's Pics


Katherine Kerr, Graduation, June 11, 2004

Granddaughter Katherine Elizabeth Kerr graduated from Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge, Virginia. These are some pictures at the Kerr home before the commencement ceremony on Friday evening and a few pictures taken on Sunday morning. We had a great party on Saturday evening with lots of food, many family and friends, and a long music session. No pictures during the party; we were too busy.

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Lisa Sheehy

Lisa received the Doctor of Philosophy Degree on May 8, 2004. These are pictures from the celebration after the commencement.

Edisto Pictures

These are some pictures from a visit to Edisto. I have more to be added later.

Easter 2004 Pictures

The Mitchells -- Karen, Mark, Morgan, and William -- were here for the weekend. We took a few pictures on Easter morning after church.

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Parker Yard Pictures 2004

Azaleas in Spring 2004

A quicktime slide show of our yard on April 3, 2004.

Pictures from Thanksgiving 2003.





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Kay's 90th Birthday Pictures

Thirty-two family members from Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia gathered in July 2002 to Celebrate Kay's 90th birthday. These are pictures from my digital camera. Thumbnails (small pictures) are set up in three columns. Adjust screen size to see. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Pictures from Retirement Celebration

of Lt. Col. Ralph F. Kerr

100 mile bicycle ride for Mary and Karen

Buck Knife gallery

This is part of my collection of Buck knives.

Case Knife Gallery

This is the part of my knife collection for knives made by the W. R. Case and Sons Cutlery Co. of Bradford Pennsylvania. The Case numbering systen stamped on their knives, if totally present, will have the first digit indicating the knife handle material, the second digit is the number of blades, and the remaining digits indicate a style number.

Other pictures

Dodge truck

Mark and Corene

William and Morgan


Our weekend at Fort Stewart for Katherine's Confirmation and Party.

Katherine, May 20, 2001

Some other pictures


Corene, alias Nana


Pict 1 / Pict 2 / Pict 3 / Pict 4 / Pict 5 / Pict 6 / Pict 7 / Pict 8 /

Kay -- Kathyrne E. Say -- Corene's mother.

July 27, 2000 88th Birthday

July 1999 Kathyrne and Katherine

Christmas, 2000

Joe and Carol Visit, 1999.

Joe and Carol Wilson with Airplane

Athens Airport

Joe and Carol

More Athens Airport

Corene and Carol


Our Yard

February 1999....Picture 1....Picture 2....Picture 3....Picture 4

Early Spring 1999


Samantha Buckler

Samantha, Summer 2000...Picture 1...Picture 2...Picture 3

Samantha, November 1998

Samantha, 1998

Samantha, October 1997

Samantha, September 1996
Samantha Three Times
Samantha 1995

Joshua Buckler

Joshua Buckler

Joshua, 1998

Brother And Sister

Joshua and Samantha
William and Morgan

Katherine Elizabeth Kerr

Katherine, In Jim's office.
Katherine, with headpiece
Katherine, January 1997

Karen Mitchell, June 1996
Mark Mitchell, December 1996

Morgan Mitchell

Morgan up a tree . . .
Morgan and Baseball, 1996
Morgan in Jim's Office, March 22, 1997
Morgan, November 1997

Morgan and William Mitchell
In the Fountain
In the Fountain, Enlarged
Wet from the Fountain

William Mitchell

William with Bulldog
William on the Rocks
William on a Log
William and Pedro's Hat

Joshua and Samantha Buckler

At the steps to the Gym Set
In the Kitchen
At the Swing
Christmas 1996

Sean and Ryan Kerr

At Watkin's Mill State Park
By the Water, Watkin's Mill State Park
Ryan and Sean at Covered Bridge

Sean Kerr

Sean with Headband
Braves Fan

Ryan Kerr

Ryan, smiling, December 22, 1996
Ryan, serious, December 26, 1996

Katherine, Sean, and Ryan Kerr

Katherine, Sean, and Ryan, May 4, 1997


Nicholas and Frank, in Jim's Office


Bridgette and Travis Burns

Bridget and Travis, March 13, 1997

Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy, July 2, 1997


Five Visitors (Morgan, Sean, Ryan, Katherine, and William

Five, August 9, 1997


Tom Cooney, 1998

Ed Davis, 1998.... another picture

Paulus Gerdes, 1998

Larry Hatfield, 1999

Joe Hooten, May 1998

Mike Mahaffey, April 28, 1997

Bill McKillip, 1998

Nicholas Oppong.....Nicholas and Frank, in Jim's Office.... Earlier M.Ed.Grad

Jim Wilson, 1998

Pat Wilson, 1998

Doctoral students

Earl Bennett, Spring 1998.... Dr. Bennett, 1993

Ching-Hua Chien . . . Commencement, 1998

Susie Lanier. February 1999....Dr. Lanier, 1999.

Azita Manouchehri, circa 1994

Alan Russell, . . . Dr. Russell, 1997. . .Commencement 1998

Alfred Schneider, 1997.... Grads, 1997

Mary Beth Searcy, November 2000 . . . Dr. Searcy in 1998

Lisa Sheehy June 1999

Po-Son Tsao and Family, August 5, 1997 and July 30, 2008

Woo Whang, visit, January 31, 1997

Bill Whitmire, December 1996