CEEB Report of the Committee on Mathematics


Nine-point Program of mathematics for college preparatory students:


1. Strong preparation, both in concepts and skills, for colleg mathematics at the level of calculus and analytic geometry


2. Understanding the nature and role of deductive reasoning -- in algebra, as well as in geometry


3. Appreciation of mathematical structure ("patterns") -- for example, properties of natural, rational, real, and complex numbers


4. Judicious use of unifying ideas -- sets, variables, functions and relations


5. Treatment of inequalities along with equations


6. Incorporation with plane geometry of some coordinate geometry, and essentials of solid geometry and space perception


7. Introduction in grade 11 of fundamental trigonometry -- centered on coordinates, vectors, and complex numbers.


8. Emphasis in grade 12 on elementary functions (polynomial, exponential, circular)


9. Recommendation of additional alernative units for grade 12: either introductory probability with statistical application or an introduction to modern algebra.