Conference on

Mathematics Proficiency for Teaching

March 18-20, 2010

Georgia Center for Continuing Education

Some Background

The Project

Our project, the Situations Project, has been a collaboration between mathematics educators at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Georgia, supported by the National Science Foundation as work of our respective STEM centers.

Our project set out to characterize mathematical knowledge for teaching at the secondary level. Our approach began with the analysis of episodes observed in practice. These efforts led to the creation of a set of situations, each with a prompt followed by discussion of mathematical foci. Many of those situations we developed are linked below for you to examine.

As we refined the set of situations, we developed a framework to give us a characterization of the mathematics that may be relevant to secondary mathematics teaching. Our work led us to propose the ideas of Mathematics Proficiency for Teaching as we have presented them in the Framework document below. The Situations and the Framework have gone through many refinements and benefitted from the discussions of these documents in two previous conferences.

The background for the development of the Framework and the Situations is given in the final section of the Framework, pp. 19 - 23.

The personnel who have been involved in the project are listed on the front page of the Framework.

This Conference

The purpose of this conference is to engage in discussion of possible uses of our products -- the Framework and the Situations. The presentations and discussions at the conference will be toward gaining ideas for the potential uses of the products in various contexts, including preservice mathematics teacher education, professional development of mathematics teachers, organizing mathematics instruction for enhancing preparation for teaching, graduate education, and research.


1. Become familiar with the Mathematical Proficiency for Teaching Framework and Situations.

2. Facilitate inquiry and research related to Mathematical Proficiency for Teaching at the secondary level.

3. Stimulate the thinking about MPT at the secondary level of those who prepare teachers of mathematics (e.g., mathematicians, mathematics educators, teacher leaders, curriculum developers).

4. Inform the preparation of teachers at the secondary level.


Agenda --- (alternative PDF)

Conference Idea Paragraphs (Thursday output)

Conference Products to Describe Potential Uses (From Friday, from Thursday Panel, or from previous participant work)


Participants with Group Assignments (Word) (alternative PDF)

Click HERE for the GUESTBOOK. The guestbook will show you other participants who have signed in and their comments. Please sign our GUESTBOOK before you leave. You may want to examine the Framework or some of the Situations before signing the Guestbook.


Framework for Mathematical Proficiency for Teaching (PDF)(Word)



01 Sin 32 Degrees
02 Parametric Drawings
03 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
04 Representing Standard Deviation
06 Cross Multiply
07 Temperature Conversion
08 Ladder
09 Perfect Square Trinomials
10 Simultaneous Equations
11 Faces of a Polyhedral Solid
15 Graphing Quadratic Functions
16 Area of a Sector of a Circle
20 Area of Plane Figures
21 Exponential Rules
24 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities (with 26)
27 Product of Two Negative Numbers and a GSP file
28 Adding Square Roots (with 32)
29 Trigonometric Identities
30 Translation of Functions
33 Least Squares Regression
34 Mean Median
35 Quadratic Equation
36 Pythagorean Theorem
37 Multiplying Monomials and Binomials (with 31)
39 Summing the Natural Numbers
40 Powers
41 Square Roots
42 Y= sin(2x)
43 Can You Circumscribe a Circle about this Polygon?
44 Zero Exponents
45 Zero Product Property
46 Division Involving Zero
47 Graphing Inequalities with Absolute Values
48 Product Rule for Differentiation
49 Similarity
50 Connecting Factoring with the Quadratic Formula
51 Proof by Mathematical Induction
53 (PN9) Constructing a tangent line
54 (PN6) Modular Arithmetic
55 Properties of i and Complex Numbers
62 Absolute Value in the Complex Plane
65 Square Root of i
67 Sample and Population Variance

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