Revised and Final Situations

01 Sin 32 FINAL R
02 Parametric Drawings FINAL R
03 Inverse Trigonometric Functions FINAL R
04 Representing Standard Deviation FINAL R
06 Cross Multiply FINAL R
07 Temperature Conversion FINAL R
08 Locus of a Point on a Moving Segment FINAL R
09 Perfect Square Trinomials FINAL R
10 Simultaneous Equations FINAL R
11 Faces of a Polyhedral Solid FINAL R
15 Graphing Quadratic Functions FINAL R
16 Area of a Sector of a Circle FINAL R
20 Area of Plane Figures FINAL R
21 Exponential Rules FINAL R
24 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities (with 26) FINAL R
27 Product of Two Negative Numbers FINAL R
28 Adding Square Roots (with 32) FINAL R
29 Trigonometric Identities FINAL R
30 Translation of Functions FINAL R
33 Least Squares Regression FINAL R
34 Mean Median FINAL R
35 Quadratic Equation FINAL R
36 Pythagorean Theorem FINAL R
37 Multiplying Monomials and Binomials (with 31) FINAL R
39 Summing the Natural Numbers FINAL R
40 Powers FINAL R
41 Square Roots FINAL R
42 Y= sin(2x) FINAL R
43 Can You Circumscribe a Circle about this Polygon? FINAL R
44 Zero Exponents FINAL R
45 Zero Product Property FINAL R
46 Division Involving Zero FINAL R
47 Graphing Inequalities with Absolute Values FINAL R
48 Product Rule for Differentiation FINAL R
49 Similarity FINAL R
50 Connecting Factoring with the Quadratic Formula FINAL R
51 Proof by Mathematical Induction FINAL R
53(PN9) Constructing a Tangent Line FINAL R
54(PN6) Modular Arithmetic FINAL R
55 Properties of i and Complex Numbers FINAL R
62 (PN3 and CAS2) Absolute Value in the Complex Plane FINAL R
65 Square Root of i FINAL R
67 Sample and Population Variance FINAL R