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Prior to November 28, 2006


o Prompt. The situation or scene that sets the stage for the mathematics. Ideally, this would briefly describe an event from classroom experience, but may be edited to emphasize an important point. The situation could include a focusing question at the end of it, but that question should focus on the mathematics rather than student or teacher actions or viewpoints.

o Focus. A mathematical concept that would be very useful to a teacher if the teacher wanted to use the situation to help students learn important mathematical ideas. The content should be accessible to students with a major in mathematics or mathematics education.

o Set of Foci. A group of 3-6 foci that are diverse and serve as examples of the range and depth of possible mathematical ideas.

o Commentary. A paragraph describing the rationale or giving an explanation for the importance of the mathematics in the prompt and the set of foci with respect to secondary teachers and their responsibilities.

o Situation. The whole thing. The prompt, collection of foci, and commentary.

o Situation Archive. A collection of historical versions and discussion related to the situation. Since the situation will undergo revision, these accounts should include the reasons why changes were made or not made. This collection of comments and versions could be important units of analysis.

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