Some thoughts on thinking about mathematical knowledge
for secondary mathematics teachers.

This is Part 1 of a March 25, 2005 communication from Pat Wilson, Jeremy Kilpatrick, and Kathy Heid. (Click here for Word file of original)

MAC Conf MKT-PSW 1.doc
Document from June 13, 2005

MAC-CPTM vignette plan 6.doc

Notes from Meeting on Vignette-writing for CPTM, Thursday, 9 June 2005 at UGA

Proposal for AMTE -- Pat Wilson

MAC Vignette Template (Revised 23 Jun 05)

This template includes some description and definitions of vignettes -- The Scenario or Moment that describes the setting and the Mathematical Paths that provide the discussion.

The document also contains useful notes for Vignette writers.

Note: No specific document available for discussion of the change of language from 'Vignette' to 'Situation."