Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Project InterMath:

Middle School Mathematics and Technology


James W. Wilson

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Good mathematics teaching, meaningful reform, and genuine improvement of mathematics inststruction will result only if it is manifested within mathematics classrooms.

The role of the teacher is essential.

The growing nearly universal availability of technology tools provides a grand opportunity to assist teachers in teaching well and in improving the mathematics experiences of students.


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Mathematics Education Web Course Development on a Shoestring

Technology in Mathematics Teaching and Learning



Potential benefits of appropriate technology use

Promote better mathematics learning.

Build conceptual understanding

Doing mathematics


problem solving



Communication within/about mathematics

New look at some "old" stuff

Doing mathematics not likely to be encountered without technology

Doing mathematics that incorporates technology (e.g. iterations)

Self-Confidence about one's mathematics

Generative tools for constructing one's further mathematics study.


Components of the InterMath Courses

Mathematics -- 14 units from the areas of



Geometry and Meansurement

Statistics and Data Display

Emphasis on doing mathematics investigations using technology tools

Technology tools include


Graphing Calculator 3.5

Geometer's Sketchpad

Excel or other Spreadsheet

Hand held calculators

TI-82, TI-83, TI-84 or other


Netscape Communicator 7.1 or other

FTP software


Participant's activities and productions

Mathematics Investigations

Write-ups of investigations

Developing lessons to use with students that incorporate explorations in mathematics and the use of technology tools.

Putting all productions on a Web Page for sharing.



InterMath Web Server at Georgia Tech; InterMath staff at UGa

On-going Support System

Remains available to participants as a resource and continuing professional activities after the workshop.