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Last modified on August 27, 2008.

1. Centroid of a triangle
2. Orthocenter of a triangle
3. Circumcenter of a triangle
4. Circumcenter of a triangle as a point equidistant from each vertex
5. CIRCUMCIRCLE of a triangle
6. Incenter of a triangle
7. INCIRCLE of a triangle
8. Rectangle circumscribed about an ellipse. As a changing rectangle is rotated about an ellipse so that the sides of the rectangle are always tangent to the ellipse, the vertices move along a common circle.
9. Rectangle circumscribed about an ellipse. Another version of the rotating rectangular region about the ellipse.
10. Parabola. The parabola is the locus of points equidistant from a fixed point (the Focus) and a line (the directrix).
11. Pentamotion. Constructing and moving concentric pentagons.
12. Fourth Proportional. Given three line segments a, b, and c, construct the fourth proportional, a segment of length x such that a/b = c/x.
13. Hyperbola Triangle. A moving tangent to the hyperbola intersects the asymptotes to define a triange of a constant area.
14. Circles of Apollonius. This sketch shows the Circles of Apollonius for a given triangle ABC. The three circles pass through two points common to all three circles.
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