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As I'm writing this, I am a PhD student studying Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia. My university email is my surname at uga.edu; if your browser supports it, click here to email me. There's also a button at the bottom of every page.

This page focuses on the assignments for EMAT 6680. If you want to know more about me, click here. I maintain personal pages at twelvefruits.com, which are linked from there.

Most pages on this site use JavaScript. Without it, you won't see mathematical equations or movies, which makes the site not that useful. If your browser doesn't have Javascript enabled, there will be a warning message below.

Assignments frequently include applets or animations. Animations are linked as Quicktime Movies, which require a plugin or player. Apple offers one and there are others. Other assignments have Java applets built through the free package GeoGebra that allow you to manipulate points and see the results. Still other assignments have files that open through the free Graphing Calculator Viewer. A couple assignments have scripts for Geometer's Sketchpad, but that's not a free package and so I've preferred free alternatives.

Additionally, these pages use TeX mathematical fonts provided by the jsMath package. I can insert mathematical code inside my text, like this sum \left( \sum_{i=1}^{10} i = 55 \right), and then keep typing. You can double-click on any equation to see the LaTeX coding. These pages will show math images by default. If you want to print or resize the pages, you can install special fonts. If you don't have the fonts installed, you'll see a message below Euler's formula.

e^{i \pi } + 1 = 0

Pages for Class Assignments

The main purpose of this page is to provide links to my course assignments, the write ups and the Final Project. Those links will be listed here. Almost all the pages have an associated Java-based applet, found by clicking through on the assignment page. The applets may take a while to start. Nevertheless, they provide you a way to manipulate numbers and figures. I strongly suggest working with them.

  1. Assignment 1: Logarithm at the End of Multiplication

  2. Assignment 2: Completing the Parabolic Square

  3. Assignment 3: Roots in B and C

  4. Assignment 4: A Triangle Median Meet

  5. Assignment 5: GSP Script Tools

  6. Assignment 6: Picture Viewing

  7. Assignment 7: Tangent Circles

  8. Assignment 8: Minimal Triangles

  9. Assignment 9: Pedal Triangles and Simson's Line

  10. Assignment 10: The Parametric Time Traveler

  11. Assignment 11: Polar Fearful Symmetry

  12. Assignment 12: Grid Search Touring

  13. Final Part 1: Rational Equations, Zeroes, and Infinity

  14. Final Part 2: Square in a Semicircle

  15. Final Part 3: Fibonacci Rabbits

Links related to Mathematics and Statistics Education

Legal Notices and Other Stuff

This site uses the HTML 4.01 Transitional standard. The default heading font is the cursive font Comic Sans MS; the default text font is the sans serif font Verdana. If the headings look really funny, check your browser defaults.
This page and all pages within were created as part of EMAT 6680, a course offered in Fall 2011 at the University of Georgia. Under University intellectual property, I believe this is a University-Assisted Individual Effort, and copyright is shared between the University and me.

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