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Mathematics Competitions:

Sculley Academy Math Club - This is the website for my homeschool math teams

MATHCOUNTS - Competitions and clubs for middle school students

American Mathematics Competitions - Competitions for middle school and high school students

Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics - Check the competitions page for dates of upcoming mathematics competitions throughout Georgia

Math Kangaroo - Competitions for students from grades 1-12

Mathematics Education Resources:


The Program of Mathematics Education

MacTutor History of Mathematics Site -- St. Andrew's University

Math Forum (alias Geometry Forum)

Furman University Mathematical Quotation Server

Project InterMath

Recreational Mathematics:

Vi Hart

KenKen Puzzles

Hidato Puzzles

A tutorial for EMAT 6680

EMAT 6680 Write-ups

 Assignment 1:

I Love That Graph

Assignment 2:

Oh, Where, Oh Where Has My Parabola Gone?


 Assignment 3:
Roots of Quadratic Functions


 Assignment 4:

Centers of a Triangle

 Assignment 5:

Geometer's Sketchpad Tools


 Assignment 6:

Where Should You Stand to View the Mona Lisa?


 Assignment 7:

Tangent Circles

 Assignment 8:

Exploration of Circumscribed Triangles

 Assignment 9:

Pedal Triangles

Assignment 10:

Parametric Equations

 Assignment 11:

Polar Equations

 Assignment 12:

Newton's Law of Cooling

Final Assignment


Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers

Bouncing Barney

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